Street Teams!

This year I have had the absolute honor of being a part of three street teams! I never expected to be chosen for the teams, I just signed up and gave it my all and got in!

If you don’t know what a street team is: Street teams are marketing campaigns between authors and their avid readers. There’s usually a group page where the author can share exclusive content with the readers in preparation for their upcoming release. The participants can receive points for sharing information on social media pages in time for marketing campaigns and can be rewarded with ARCs (advanced reader copies), bookmarks, art prints, etc relating to the book, by the author.

Street teams that I’m in: I’m currently in three active street teams!

First Riders

The First Riders Street Team is for both Crown of Feathers by Nicki Pau Preto and for her upcoming sequel Heart of Flames. Crown of Feathers is about two sisters who are trying to hatch a pheonix egg to become pheonix riders.

Sandhya’s Sweethearts

The Sandhya’s Sweethearts Street Team is for all current books by Sandhya Menon: When Dimple Met Rishi, From Twinkle with Love, and There’s Something About Sweetie. It is also for her upcoming release Of Curses and Kisses, which is a beauty and the beast retelling in a contemporary setting.

Keel Haul’s Sea Crew

Keel Haul’s Sea Crew is for the debut release All the Stars and Teeth by Adalyn Grace. All the Stars and Teeth is about Amora, a princess training to be the master of souls, the most dangerous form of magic. When Amora’s training goes awry, she flees with a mysterious pirate.

How do you get on a street team? More and more authors are starting street teams, to join you usually just need to fill out a survey, describing yourself and your platform. Make sure to follow all your favorite authors and publishing companies on their social media platforms and be on the lookout for when they post about an upcoming street team. It never hurts to apply and to give it a shot. I’ve been extremely lucky to be chosen for these amazing street teams, and I definitely recommend you try one out!

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